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George St. Pierre PUNCHOUT


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This is pretty old so I'm sure some of you have seen it already but it's worth watching if you haven't. Fedor one is better but this is still good for a laugh.




And if you haven't voted on the GSP vs Silva poll here's the link. It's good just to get one more opinion out there however you vote.





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I would love to see them fight, and I think GSP is one hell of a great fighter, IMO it'll be alot closer than people think , everyone seems to be in this understanding that A.silva will just walk all over GSP, but i realy dont think that'll happen, i am not saying he wouldnt win, but the way GSP prepares for a fight , he watches video's and devises plans to defeat his opponent. I am not saying A.silva isnt an incredible fighter, his record speaks for itself, but to say he would just walk in and eat gsp alive is being a very naive fan. I still cant understand why everyone thinks GSP has some glass jaw, because he got caught ONCE by Serra, and now thats like OMG he's got a suspect jaw, he's gun shy , he's a lay and pray fighter, .. WOULD these morons go and watch GSP's fights, and tell me that he's gun shy, he lost 2 fights so far , once against Matt Hughes, and we all know that he was a bit star struck and that was at Matt Hughes height of his carreer, when he dominated everyone in WW, then with Serra, he had a bad fight, .. it happens, .. but omg i laugh when i read these posts of guys saying he never stands and bangs lol too funny, its called having a plan to defeat your opponent, A.silva will be and would be his toughest challenge, but i dont think it'll be like the forrest fight by no means. BTW that punch out is awesome.

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