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Question Mods - Sorry Guys


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I did not see the first thread, but I did just delete the second.

You can not post links that have fight footage in them. It is against the rules.

Also, re-posting it after it was already removed is also an offense.

Both of which are supposed to be met with a ban.

But, I will let it go as long as you do not post the links again.

It looked to be a very well thought out tribute, and very well put together.

So, post it again, but leave out the fight footage.

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Just curious why my thread on Takanori Gomi was removed. Just think if the reason isn't obvious the mods might want to atleast PM the thread maker. I had it saved luckily so I just reposted it but I would like to know just out of curiosity.


Why would you repost it after it got deleted. Obviously there would be a reason for it being deleted.

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