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Robbie lawler vs melvin manhoef


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lawlor game plan..... get the crap beat out of me for 2 mins then close eyes and throw a haymaker and pray to the lord for a miracle.



Thats what he does. He guards himself until he figures out the strength and skills of his opponents, and when he thinks he has it figured out he explodes. Look up Robbie Lawler .Vs. Murilio Rua (Shogun's brother) from Elite XC and you will see what I mean.

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what a lucky punch! when i look up 'hail mary' in the dictionary, that is what i seen


the guy did everything except for get his **** knocked out....and then WAM!!!



its unfortunate that it probably wont be airing on the next ultimate comebacks volume, because that was damn well the best that one could pull off.

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