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Cyborg slamming Mir


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I have read a few people saying that Cyborg "picked him up" and slammed him when Mir got her in a triangle choke.


I find that rather hard to believe. She weighs 145 pounds? Even Sherk wouldnt be able to do that to Mir.


Is there any real evidence this happened?


I did too until she picked up that chick and threw her across the cage when she tried the same thing! And to deadlift and slam 235 -250 lbs if her legs were in the right position doesn't actually seem that far fetched.

Ever hear of the P4P world's strongest man? He is a 155 lb Russian dude that deadlifts over 500 lbs, so a 145 lb physical freak like Cristiane pulling up Mir, even if he was 250, doesn't seem so far out there!


Especially after we saw how easily she tossed 145 lbs around!

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