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Interview with UFC judge "Doc" Hamilton on the current System


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This is a Great interview that pretty much breaks down how the judges score and the play by play of their night judging a fight!


Hamilton really has some pretty solid ideas on ways to change the current system.




What do you all think? I mean after every decision their is always an uproar, especially in recent fights, namely the Shogun, Machida battle. Maybe its time for some changes expressed in this interview!

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Half point system, I'm in favor of it!


Now here's a guy with MMA's best interest in mind. I remember reading about this a couple months ago.


I think another way to resolve it would be only scoring 9s and 10s and no draws, any illegal blows would be a half point, but half point system is mostly likely more effecient I know Doc Hamilton has put more thought and research into it then I have.


An yes Matt Hamill won that fight against Bisping.

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