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Nate diaz debut @ 170 v rory markham good move or not?


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nates a good striker he just doesnt have the knock out power. when i heard nate moving up i didnt think hed actually cut that much weight because i know guys that are tall and skinny like him and weigh about 130. i just thought he has a slow metabolism or something and just cant gain weight because him and his brother are built that way. 155 is a perfect weight class then 170 bc they are way stronger than him. even guys at 155 are stronger than him...


ps. i know im going to get rebuttals about strength doesnt matter it's skill... and it is. but im just saying guys at 155 are stronger than him also..

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i dont think nate will get an easy win...


he has to take rory down first.


rory can strike' date=' nate cant.[/quote']


nates a good striker. his an unorthodox striker. he keeps both his hands high up and right at you. but he lacks the "ko power". Diaz destroyed maynard in the stand up, just compare the faces after the fight..

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