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UFC 109 Predictions


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Randy Couture - Another UD

Nate Marquardt - TKO in the 2nd

Mike Swick - UD

Demian Maia - Submission in the 3rd

Matt Serra - UD

Mac Danzig - SD

Ronys Torres - UD

Phillipe Nover - TKO in the 1st

Brian Stann - KO in the 1st

Chris Tuchscherer - KO in the 2nd

Rolles Gracie - Submission in the 2nd


Just my predictions

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I enjoyed reading these threads so much that I decided i needed to make an account.


Couture- UD

Marquardt- UD (I think hes too talented to lose to sonnen, but sonnen isnt a quiter)

Thiago- UD or sub. (rd. 2)

Maia- KO of the year (just messin..via sub. round 1)

Matt Serra- RNC 2

Buchholz- UD (I lost faith in Danzig..hopefully he'll surprise me)

Guillard- TKO 3 ( but only because I dont know enough about torres..anyone got a good HL video they could send me?)

Emerson- UD (Hope Im wrong on this one)

Stann- TKO 1

Tuchscherer- T(KO) 1

Gracie- UD (I hope this fight has more action then I expect)

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