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Should fighers be more willing to change camps to ensure they are constantly adding to their skill sets. Some fighter's careers seem to stall as they don't evolve or improve.

We've seen Joe Daddy string a couple of wins together since joining Jacksons camp and Kenny Florian had an impressive win over Guida. It definetely worked for them.

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They all should. When you train in the same camp over & over, you will develop holes in your game that can be seen by your next opponent when he reviews your tapes. Changing your camp up will give you so many more levels to work in and your next fighter wont see that untill you are in the cage with him.


Chuck had a good run - now never wins.


Tito had a good run - now never will win.


Rich had a good run - now looks like not winning.


Wandy had a good run but with his many camp changes, he might have just had one too many punches in the head & the competition may have passed him by.



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