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Think like Dana....Jay Hieron


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Jay Hieron is officially a free agent able to negotiate a new contract. The Strikeforce welterweight division is currently their weakest division (talent and roster wise). Currently there may be at the most three people who may even turn heads in that division and that includes the current champion (Nick Diaz). Nick could easily clean out that division by this time next year and Nick is not the one to sit around and wait for something to happen (he already has indicated he's ready to give up fighting all together at 26 unless he gets motivational fights). The only person thats going to motivate Diaz at this point in their 170 pound division is Joe Riggs and he just lost to Jay Hieron. So that being said, knowing what you know about Dana, do you allow the inevitable to happen and allow the welterweight division to die a slow death (the 170 pd division will eventually become a graveyard of so-so talent and future UFC castoffs)? or do you speed up the process and sign Hieron now so there's one less contender in their 170 pd division?

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