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The State of the Union - constipated.


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The UFC has some real problems.


Its a 5 division ouitfit and three of the divisions are basically closed.


LW, WW and MW are dead. Penn, GSP and Silva are without challangers. They are now bringing in guys from way down in the rankings because the Champions have eaten all the top ten guys.


LHW is a little better, except MAchida is now locked int a least one more fight with Rua - and if that one goes to Rua, there is probably going to be a thrid in a row rematch - so LHW is kind of plugged up too.


Then there HW, where Lesnar can literally be beaten by anybody.


So they have that going for them - if they ca get the gut well enough to fight again. Who knows what he might do? He might pound a guy out or he might step into a heel hook. :iterally any outcome is in play. Personally I think Lesnar has no chin - but thats just speculation.


All in all the UFC seems to need a laxative. Penn, GSP and Silva are gumming up the works.

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