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ArcaneKnight The Best Of (a Compilation Thread)


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To all:


Post you favorite AK moment here so we all can come to have a laugh when needed.


Here is one that got the goats of many. Enjoy.




So I had family and their friends down here for the holidays, and I got them to watch their first UFC event. They were outraged, they have now vowed to boycott anything UFC and swore never to watch it again.


I don't know if you guys know what Semtex means, but it's an explosive that terrorists use. And my family has family that lives in New York. They are extremely upset that they refer to a person with that term. I don't know if any of them were killed in the 9/11 incident, but I know they know people who were, and people who were directly effected by it. And when you call someone a terrorist explosive, it doesn't sit too well with them. It just brought back bad memories and flashbacks of that fateful day. Something everyone was trying to get over. People still get emotional about it all, and the UFC needs to respect that, before there's a major outcry to have the entire sport outlawed.


They are trying to lobby to get MMA banned. People are still sensitive to the whole 9/11 ordeal, and it's too soon to be calling people terrorist explosives. I know Daley is not Middle Eastern, but to a lot of people in America, if you're from Europe, you're from the Middle East. And you can't just go around calling people from the middle east a terrorist explosive. Not in America, not on a live PPV broadcast, at a hotel/casino on American soil. Not in a post 9/11 America.


So UFC, please stop referring to Paul Daley as Semtex, and just refer to him as Paul Daley. I have family and friends extremely offended by his nickname, and it doesn't fly in today's day and age..


And please don't try to come in here and say "WELL WHAT ABOUT THE AXE MURDERER?" America has already been desensitized to all that thanks to all the Michael Myers and Friday the 13th movies. That's child's play to us now. But it is too soon to be calling people terrorist explosives. People still get emotional over the whole thing. Give it atleast 10 years before you go around calling people semtex and using other terrorist terms. Thanks for your concerns UFC.

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Back to the origins.


I remember watching this guy back in the day, and he was the first true American Bad as$. He might not have looked that bad walking into the cage, but as soon as the fight was called on, you could tell he knew how to fight. The way he'd kick his legs around throwing faints ( watch his Emanuel Yarbrough fight to see what Im talking about), like you could just tell he knew how to fight. And he was not somebody you'd want to get in a fight with. He invented the palm strike, and he could knock you flat on your asz with a palm strike, and even knock you out.


This guy was a calculated killer. He wasnt just some sloppy brawler like most of the guys in the early UFC days, he fought way ahead of his time, looking back on it, It's like he was some dude from the future sent back in time to fight people who didnt know how to fight and help evolve the sport. If he fought today, he would be a force.. Especially since there are weight classes now, he used to fight anybody and everybody. He fought, and destroyed the biggest man to ever compete in MMA.. Emanuel Yarbrough, 6'8" 630 lbs.. Imagine what he'd do to Brock Lesnar?


This guy would have easily have been top 5 p4p if he fought today, and I have no idea why he's not in the UFC Hall of Fame. The man is a legend. He could have fought at LHW and HW, since he was already used to fighting HW's. He walked around at 200+ so we could have seen his karate skills put to the test against Lyoto Machida's karate. I'd put my money on Keith just because he would intimidate his opponents with his unorthodox fighting style, he'd shift his weight, kick his legs up back and forth, then attack on a moments notice. Fighters just said to themselves, damn this guy knows how to fight, and were broken down mentally because they know Hackney's will could never be broken.


Id even take Keith Hackney over Anderson Silva. I dont think Anderson would have an answer for Keith's palm strikes and karate style. Keith Hackney would have given Fedor his first true loss, if he was in his prime and fought today, instead of back in the early UFC days. I think he'd school Brock Lesnar in the stand up, and I dont even think Brock would be fast enough to catch him, and take him down.. Keith knew how to deal with bigger fighters, he was elusive and hit with authority.


Go to youtube and watch his fights, especially Emanuel Yarbrough.. Dude is no joke. Royce Gracie is lucky he never had to fight this guy because there would be no legend in Royce Gracie. Had Royce fought him, Gracie Jui Jitsu would not be as big as it is today. This guy could have single handedly destroyed the Gracie Jui Jitsu name. Royce probably said Ill fight anyone but that guy, thats probably why he had to duck out of a few tournaments and conveniently "couldnt continue." Royce Gracie wanted no part of Keith Hackney, he knew Keith was a warrior and wanted no part of his advanced karate. Royce knew he had no answer for it.

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Her are two of my favourites in all their original glory.


Andre "THE CHIEF" Roberts. He KO'd Ron Waterman' date=' who trains and tools both Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin in training sessions. They didnt want some big fat Indian guy like Andre "THE CHIEF" Roberts to dominate the HW division, and make these big roid freaks look like tools. He's the reason why they made the HW cut off limit 265, to keep him from ripping the division apart limb by limb. This guy probably has the best hands in HW history. Especially for a guy his size. If you've ever played the Tapout UFC game for Xbox and used Andre "THE CHIEF" Roberts, you know what Im talking about.





His ground and pound is so devastating it makes Brock Lesnar jealous.




With a 14-2 record that makes Randy Couture jealous He's a Full Contact Fighter, that's how you know he can fight right there. You cant just go out there with that shirt and not know how to fight. You have to earn the right to wear that shirt. Earning the right to wear a Full Contact Fighter shirt is the equivalent to having multiple black belts on your fighting resume..


Sucks that the UFC had to protect their fighters from Andre "THE CHIEF" Roberts by putting a cap on the HW division to keep him out. I understand though, they were just protecting their investments. I know the fighters they have now are much more marketable, and having Andre "THE CHIEF" Roberts dispose of them and become their champ would discredit their HW title. Just because he's Indian, dominating a white man's organization, and a big husky dude. I wouldn't say fat, but he just wasn't shredded.


So there you have it. The real reason why the UFC put a weight cap on the HW division. THE CHIEF would have smoked Randy Couture if they ever met in the cage.. Chuck Liddell also looked up to Andre Roberts, he has the utmost respect for Andre and rocks the mohawk in honor of Andre "THE CHIEF" Roberts.


We all know Machida wouldnt be the champion he is today if he didnt drink his own piss. Im thinking about making him a business proposition. Bottle his urine' date=' and sell it to the public. We could say "Ask yourself this..Do you want to become an elite mixed martial artist? Well drink a bottle of Lyoto Machida's personal formula, the drink for champions, and become Champion of the world today!"


If Forrest Griffin would drink it, I think there's money to be made. He said he would drink it, but just not from the source. He said he's pretty sure Lyoto's a healthy guy, and diets good, and said if it'd help him fight better, he would definetly drink it. Im sure he's not the only one. I know there's a bunch of Tapout wearing, wannabe fighters, that would down this stuff like protein shakes. I could set up a stand at a UFC event and sell cases like hot cakes.


Now I know he cant go into mass production.. But that's alright, it just jacks up the price because how rare the secret formula will be, and how hard it will be to get. I figure he can produce a 24 pack a day, lets see thats 24 a day for 365 days. That's 8760 bottles a year. @ 10$ a bottle +tax. That's an extra 100 grand a year. Ill give him a 25% cut, but that wont be his take home, I will use that 25% to pay for production, stocking, and advertising. He gets whatever is left.


With the UFC's rising popularity, and Lyoto's popularity skyrocketing, people will want to be able to fight like him. Have godlike reflexes, never get hit, redirect opponents punches mid-air. Lyoto's special formula can supply these Tapout and Affliction wearing baseheads with just that. Make them an elite fighter. When I market it, I know these Tapout wearing clowns will be like "HELL YEAH! FIGHT LIKE LYOTO, LHW CHAMPION, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO GET TO THAT NEXT LEVEL." I've been to multiple MMA events, I know how these guys are, they'll buy anything if you tell them it'll make them fight better and get stronger. Tell them it's an all natural, undetectable steroid and they're asking where do they sign up. Especially when I tell them supply is limited. Sell it on ebay and let em outbid eachother.


Lyoto, contact me. There is money to be made. I know you're training for Shogun, but you need to think long term here. You need to be in this one for the long run. Drink 10 gallons of liquid a day so we can boost production. This could become a multi million dollar a year company. Dont mess with my money Lyoto, or I will sick Inoki back on you and have him slap some sense back into you.


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with all due respect 2 arcane knight' date=' he is an idiot[/quote']


There is a fine line between Genious and Idiot... AK is genious and it has taken me to today to see it. You however Music fall into the area of idiot with the likes of Rafty_hansome and TUF noobs. Seeing as its your savior you'll know its Sad but True...

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A personal favourite was when he said that he could tell Shogun was afraid of Machida by the way they reacted when a TV presenter who was interviewing them pretended to attack them. That drove people up the wall.


hahahahahaha.. Oh yeah I completely forgot about that one. Yeah man people flipped out over that claim..

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A personal favourite was when he said that he could tell Shogun was afraid of Machida by the way they reacted when a TV presenter who was interviewing them pretended to attack them. That drove people up the wall.


Yeah I forgot about that 1, I think that was around the time I 1st made my account, I think I took him serious to lol.


-child please

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hahahahahaha.. Oh yeah I completely forgot about that one. Yeah man people flipped out over that claim..


I remember not being able to take the 104 countdown show seriously because they kept showing clips of that interview! I think that might've been my first encounter with you actually, the fear of Shogun thread.

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