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Phil Baroni confirms there was NEVER a Hammer House gym?


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It looks like Chael Sonnen may have been on to something when he said that Mark Coleman doesn?t really have a gym and Team Hammer House is fictional.


Phil Baroni confirmed with our friends over at MiddleEasy.com that there never was a ?Hammer House? gym, it was only a publicity stunt that PRIDE started.


?There?s no gym Hammerhouse. There?s no gym in Ohio. There?s no?you know Coleman?s out here in Vegas training me. He?s staying at the Palace Station. There?s no team. I never went to train with Team Hammerhouse. It?s just ********. Coleman?s just a good marketer. He?s telling me he wants to open up a Hammerhouse gym in Ohio. He?d like to do that some day. It was just a bunch of guys fighting under a flag you know what I mean? They didn?t train together. I never really trained with Coleman. He?s way too big. He would corner me and we?d have conversations on the phone. It?s not a gym. It was something in Japan that they marketed. They just made the team more than what it is. There is no Hammerhouse. Hammerhouse is a punching bag on Coleman?s porch. I?ve seen pictures of it. It?s just an old punching bag. I?ve never even been to Coleman?s house.?

I think there is more to this then Phil is saying, perhaps Hammer House does exist. It exists in the minds of every real MMA fan..or there is a Hammer house and Phil does not want us to know about it.



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