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Paulo Thiago is CAVEIRA.


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Caveira(skull) is the nickname for people who works on B.O.P.E, an elite squad(like S.W.A.T) from brazil who works against favela's(a lot of small houses on a mountain where people without money lives) criminals, they use modern weapons like M16 and C4 explosives and invade favelas to arrest drug dealers and kill criminals, some pictures below.





Caveir?o(the car they use to arrest criminals)



BOPE team next to Cristo Redentor



Thiago himself




I don't know if many people know that, just trying to get him more fans.

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When i first saw Thiago against Kos, I knew somehow deep in my heart that this guy was gonna get big, Then the KO came and i jumped up and yelled Hell Yeah!


He is my Fav Welterweight right now, I mean for all time My fav Welterweight is Carlos Condit (Which i think would be a kick-**** fight) I just hope he gets more fans and gets the Push he deserves.


I mean he's only looked bad in 1 fight and that was against Fitch, no shame there since Fitch is the 2 ranked WW in the UFC right now. Basically Paulo Thiag ois only getting better with each fight, I believe that in the next year or so he will be the next WW Champion.

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