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The GREATEST MMA highlight videos EVER made!! MUST WATCH!! DO NOT MISS !!


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PLEASE READ *************************


Fellow MMA fans, the videos im about to post right now are THE BEST MMA highlight videos EVER made anywhere.These videos are not your generic knockout or submission highlights.No.These videos capture the essence of the sport and provoke emotion.While your watching these highlights you will realise why you love this sport so much and hopefully thank me :D:D


The one at the end,however,is quite possibly the GREATEST Tribute to MMA you will EVER see,It is a work of art and this one is a video that you will watch again and again because you will discover something new everytime you watch it.


So without further ado, I give you the GREATEST MMA HL videos EVER made !!!







(mod edit)



This last video is on a whole another level however.This video captures EVERYTHING mma is about and will remind you why you started watching it in the first place.This video is in my honest opinion, the BEST mma tribute ever made ,its a work of art and if you love mma you will truly love this one


This video also, is like a puzzle and everytime you watch it, it will open itself to you and will reveal something new.GY, the creator of all this videos describes it this way :


A video is by definition a rapid succession of images: the brain under the effect of retinal persistence, suffers from the illusion of movement. You will however get rid of this illusion in order to understand the full extent of ? COURAGE ?.

Each image is a symbol of the sport, a message full of meaning - indeed subliminal - that only lovers understand. It is impossible to understand everything from the first time : new references gradually appear when you watch the video again and again.

Can you find them all?

- GY





******COURAGE by GY : (mod edit)




NOTE:Please enjoy and I hope you share my excitement and enthusiasm watching these videos as I had many goosebumps and shed a few tears !!!


*****IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot give you any links to these videos because now I learn that its forbidden BUT you can watch these videos anywhere.You can watch it on where ALWAYS you watch your videos and I PROMISE YOU you WONT REGRET IT.You can thank me later just stop whatever you are doing and WATCH these videos lol



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Sorry' date=' we can not allow you to post links to videos that contain fight footage.[/quote']


Ok,so can I edit it and just state the names of the videos and NOT give any links, would that be OK??

No links, just the names of the videos,would it be OK ??

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