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Bring Hendo Back!


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No. We need additions like him to spice up Strikeforce. Super cards with fedor' date=' hendo, mousasi etc. etc. you know you want it. How else is that going to happen if Stirkeforce doesnt have guys like that. Lets give Strikeforce more burnouts or decently good fighters, not that hendo is either of them.[/quote']


why do we give two $h*** bout strikeforce?

i dont want them having any legit ufc caliber talent like hendo,fedor or mouassi

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Boring? Did you see the Bisping fight?


yes i saw stupid bisping step left on to a right hand he steps right like he should of hendo dont land that punch


hendo is slow and if he gets in the octogon with fedor he is gonna get killed


hendo is slow and predictable and has nothing i wont to see

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