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It's rare to see a specialized striker actually use good footwork


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By that I mean actually use control and positioning in the octagon. Watching Dan Miller give up the octagon and go back to the wall and try to aggressively moving forward and striking against someone actively moving back and counter-striking. I would've thought that if you're going on the aggresive, removing your opponents ability to move out of the way (pressure them back into the cage) would be a key strategy. For the most part I've seen soo many strikers just move back to the center when they had their opponent pressured and this repeats ad-nauseum and it works against them.


I get the feeling that a lot of these gyms teach sparring boxing (plant and use striking technique) and have little to no focus on octagon control. Chuck Liddell is a good example of someone who used to good footwork to setup striking to his advantage.

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