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Nover, Swick and Marquadt go down...


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im not a huge fan of nover and i kinda like thiago so i liked him beatin swick somewhat but marquardt losing to sonnen is just devastating for me mostly because i mean i like marquardt but chael is just a straight d-bag in my opinion and i hate that he looked really good in that fight haha

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Definitely' date=' he was beastly on Stann. As Rogan said, it would be great to see Davis against another top athlete.[/quote']


He may be the best amateur wrestler in the UFC. 4 time all american and former national champion. Probably the best pure athlete in the UFC right now....dude is ripped like a gay ****star too lol. Looks akward with his standup though. Very interested in his next fight!

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yeah im a big fan of swick and marquart (look at my sig lol)

it was very dissapointed to watch them both loose. it was hard to continue watching the card lol. but serra + randy won so its alright


... watched it 3 times now : swicks stand-up was rank-amateur .. he's throwing & pulling straight back >before< his arm (punch) is extended .. no head movement' date=' no side to side, weak angles ... wtf ?[/quote']

yeah his stand up looked horrible. Very disappointing.

Phil Davis is a monster

I'm officially nicknaming Davis "The Cobra"


-buy the ticket. take the ride.

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