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Ortiz is ****ing disgusting... seriously


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How can this *********, who always have excuses, keep yelling in stuff against other fighters? WHEN THEY ARE BEATEN?


And he claimed Crocop has no mannor for saying he hoped Ortiz would get KO in his fight.

That was immature, okay ... so wtf was this Ortiz?


what a bum, he married a ****star to keep his fame and money.

He is a loser, well, money/fame wise he is doing good, but if we,as society appreciate people who has no dignity, then we are messed up.


Look at Ortiz last 5 fights


1 win vs ken shamrock

1 draw vs Evans

1 loss to liddel

1 loss to machida

1 loss to griffin


I mean, sure you can say that the guy he lost to are great fighters, sure. But you could let me fight them and I also would have lost, what does that prove?


He is washed up, and Couture would have bashed the living **** out of Ortiz.

Ortiz is the guy who actually should retire.

Im sorry for ranting, but I hate that guy.

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