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Whos Next For Matt Serra


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i made a thread on this already . but to answer ur question' date=' Josh Koscheck. both knocked out Trigg[/quote']


I like Serra and Saunders matchup too.


Hey Slack, you drink too much last night?, woke up on the wrong side of the bed?


Ive checked 3 threads this afternoon, and here you are on 2 of them saying this is old news or you made a thread on the topic already.


Well Ill be the first to tell you that Im proud of you for creating a thread, and Im sorry that I didnt use the search button and click on your thread instead of clicking on this thread. FYI though, it makes you look like a dbag when you start off saying "i made a thread on this already."


Hope tou find it within yourself not to ban me. Just sayin nobody wants to hear that stuff man.

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Fitch after he loses to Alves.


Man I hope Alves beats the tar out of Fitch soo bad that he quits. Dude is soo boring, which is the opposite of Alves, who is very entertaining to watch. You gotta love seeing Alves leg kicking the crap out of Fitch, who you just know will be doing nothing but takedown attempts, and stalling the action.

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