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UFC 109: The way I see it...


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Melvin Guillard: Brilliant fighter that's the best ever record I've seen, he is a BIG BIG name in the world of MMA and really looking forward to seeing him again very very soon.


Matt Serra: Meat and two veg you know what to expect from Matt, he's a classy guy, sharp, technical and a very good all round fighter. Trigg on the other hand?..............................


Phil Davis: Really impressed with this dude, man he can drop down some devastating knees to bust up ya kidneys, how he got them knees so high is untrue lol, great JJ skills too = wonderful.


Coleman: I hate to say it, but he really shouldn't go in the octagon ever again imo, become a trainer, not a fighter, thats why they should pay them more money, so this doesn't happen. Tito you've got no respect man ( likewise with a lot of fans for you're sad self ), as Mark said "F*** off" - dunno what he said, but it wasn't right.


Serra - KO of the night

Thiago - Submission of the night

Marquardt v Sonnen - Fight of the night

Beltrum - Debut of the night

Rolles Gracie - Biggest letdown of the night

Couture - Man of the night

Trigg - Best walk out music for the night

Joe Rogan - best quote of the night: "Someone needs a good **** kicking for spilling that Ice". lol


Roll On 110.....


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