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Eating Crow!!


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So after last night's event, in which I went .500 on my picks, It is time for me to eat a little crow.

The Guillard and Stann Fights I picked pretty much on a whim, given Torres 18-2 record before the fight and Davis lack of experience, and was totally wrong on both parts.


Phil Davis showed that with some finishing experience he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Those tree trunks for legs and excellent wrestling he showed are a damn good base. If he had thrown that sub on 30 seconds earlier he would have finished too. Teach him how to finish and that is gonna be a bad dude!


Melvin showed huge development to me in his ground escape work and the mental side especially. I totally expected him to fall apart as soon as it hit the ground and he didn't. Torres had a good debut, and fought well, but obviously nervous going in, he could be worth keeping an eye on as well. I personally scored that fight a draw but could have seen it going either way so I have no problem with the decision.


Maia really impressed me. I knew Miller was close to as good on the ground but figured Miller's standup would be better. Boy did Demian make me look dumb! His striking looked waaay better than ever seen from him before. If he gets a little power in those hands he could be a very dangerous fighter for any MW for the next several years.


And last, and most horribly painfully so , we have Sonnen. WOW. I gotta give it to the cat. He did exactly what he said. He controlled the fight the whole time, and got him a good victory in the end. If this were PRIDE rules with emphasis on finishing though he would have been finished twice in rd 3! Nate had him in position to murder him with knees but couldn't pull the trigger on it because of the politicians. But it is what it is. Sonnen totally outperformed Marquardt, took him completely out of his game, and showed he is the real deal. I didn't want to pick against him but just thought Nate was better everywhere, and then Chael started talking and I really had to pick against him. Well he did exactly what he said and my hat is off to him. A fight with he and Silva would look at this time to be pretty epic. Though I still would not pick against Silva.


The rest of the night went pretty much the way I saw it going, and all in all I enjoyed the night of fights. Randy coming in to "Stranglehold" then choking Coleman out was outstanding TV! He is still my hero! It is looking like they are hyping the Tito Coleman fight already. The way I see it going down is Tito gets KO'd by Chuck, he retires on a big win. Tito and Coleman meet in a loser retires match, they take the Frye/Akyama stance and beat each other in the face for three rounds, and it ends in a draw, both men retire...


We can only hope!


So here I am eating my crow and admitting my errors and asking the MMA gods and the fighterrs for forgiveness! A few of these men completely changed my opinion of them and I will give them their due respect in the future!


Anyone else got some crow to eat today? Man up and admit your mistakes. There has to be hundreds who owe Sonnen his due!

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I was wrong about Sonnen. Still don't like the guy but yeah, that sucked lol He did what he did though. So can't hate him for that. Nate the Great will be back though. And even if they fought again today, I would still pick Nate to win.


I was very impressed with Maia. He looked great. We know his ground work is beyond good, and now his hands are getting better? What? lol Very impressive.


Melvin too. First time i saw him hit the mat I thought he was done. But I guess not lol He shocked me as well. He's improving a lot. And Phil 'The Cobra' Davis (I nicknamed him that) looked pretty good. With a lot of work he could be a serious fighter. Need to see more of him though.


-buy the ticket. take the ride.

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Noobs . I called em all! :P ... and don't be diggin around to see my predictions. Leave sleeping dogs lie.

Ok ok! Marquardt losing to Sonnen had less than a zero chance of happening in my eyes' date=' I might admit that one, but that's all you'll get outta me I tell ya![/quote']




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I didn't do too well in my fantasy picks this time, but the biggest surprise for me was Sonnen. Not only did I not have him winning, but I certainly didn't have him dominating like he did. And the resolve it took to withstand that guillotine was incredible. And the fact that he spoke honestly in his post match interview, choosing to praise Marquardt as much as hype his own win was commendable.


I still hate him for fouling my picks though.:(

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