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Dream fights 2010


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What are the fights that you guys want to see made in 2010. You can matchmake from different organizations. 5 fights for 2010,

Mines are:

1/ Anderson Silva vs Gegard Mousasi

2/ Rampage Jackson vs Lyoto Machida

3/ Urijah Faber vs Jose Aldo

4/ Brock lesnar vs Marius Podlaniaski (Worlds strongest man a few times ,Bigger more explosive than Lesnar with leg breaking kicks)

5/ Frank Mir vs Fedor ( Just to see Fedor being beaten finally)

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Because Faber said he is interested in superfights up and down a division, Im gonna focus a little more on him.


Faber v Torres

Faber v Penn

Faber v Griffin 2

Forrest Griffin v Chuck Liddell

Rich Franklin v Chuck Liddell

Brock Lesnar v Rodrigo Nogueira

Cerrone v Varner 2

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Just a few i think would be fun to watch.

Faber vs mike brown 3

Anderson Silva vs lyoto machida

Kimbo vs Roy nelson (see Kimbo knock him out B4 he can Fat on him again)

Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko (just to see people fight about it B4 it happens)

Any fight with Jason mayhem miller back in the UFC!

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fedor vs lesnar (to see lesnar get rocked)

gsp vs penn3 (just so everone knows that gsp is on a total level higher then penn)

A silva vs evans

tyson griffin vs penn

gsp vs koschek (after he takes care of his light work aka dan hardy lmao)


anyone that gsp fights well let me just say good luck to you buddy haha

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