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ive gotta parlay this @ ufc on versus


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gonzaga into vera returning $9.60 odds' date=' im gonna put $100 on it,


gonzaga is paying $3.15


and vera is $3.05



i cleaned up on thiago and emerson @ 109 so im gonna re invest in this, the value is to good.[/quote']


welcome to beserkerville, this is what we do here .. napao vs cigano can work because

dos santos has only fought out of the 1st one time & has never been tested on the mat, look for leg kix from gabe & I doubt he takes a step backwards as did filipovic, also junior has a shallow record & is due for a set-back .


vera vs bones .. jon is untested & vera will be unemployed if he gets whooped here, the motivation is there & jones has not faced the quality opponents that vera has ... muay thai can cancel greco-roman effectively ...


more than decent chance, good luck ... (I shoot long 90% of the time)

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This event is worthy of a PPV. Lot's of guys to watch out for this event. Schaub/Gormley match is kinna breakout fight for each of them. Kongo/Buentello fight can be the FOTN. I think the JDS/Gonzaga will not go to the decision' date=' but I'm picking Gabe on this.


Hi Berserker. Kumusta.[/quote']


kumusta kayo raf ?, ... maligayang pagbabalik ;)

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