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UFC contract


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Only if they get special dispensation from the UFC' date=' as Houston Alexander did, before coming back and running away from Kimbo (?!?).[/quote']


LoL poor Houston. Got KO'd in his first fight after the Kimbo track meet. Then to add a little salt to the wound, the guy that beat him got signed to the UFC and was the guy Rolles Gracie just disgraced himself against.

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Not all contracts have the same stipulations and regulations. The ufc was prepared to let Fedor compete in Sambo events' date=' which is unheard of in a ufc contract. In most ufc contracts, you cannot even tap dance for tap dancing could cause serious injuries to the toes and ankles.[/quote']





Many fighters (Tito, Matt Hughes, GSP, etc) have competed in annual ADCC events while under contract with the UFC. Fedor's was far more complicated, hence the apprehension of granting him carte blanc with the Sambo tournies.



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