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Lets Tell You A Story GAME:


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Okey dokey !!!


It starts off with someone making a one liner for a story... then you come into play with a funny/crazy/lame one liner - to link up with the last... ie; "Dana White said to Fedor on the phone......." "Look man, you're just too god damn ugly, he replied........" ...and so on.


Lets roll:



Tito Ortiz is such a classy guy, he once said....

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"I can't believe the moon fell to the earth and landed on Roy Nelsons belly." To which GSP replied' date=' "....[/quote']


I don't care a boot roy, he drank all my mable syurp don't cha know eh. roy nelson caught wind and said...


B itch please!!! Im even smarter than her and thats saying alot.


tito replies with yeah, and your mouth is just as wide as her pink hole

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