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Ufc 110


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Hello new user. Started watching MMA at UFC 84 and just got really into it ever since.


UFC 110 is the most recent event and i was just wondering your thoughts on how the card will go down?


Personally i think the main card will go down as following


Nog vs. Velasquez- Although i think Cain has a bright future in the UFC i think that he will have to much trouble with Nog's ground game. I think that there will be some decent exchanges and in the second round Nog will show his veteran skills and win the fight. Nog via 2nd round sub.


Silva vs. Bisping- This one i''m a little biased as i am always excited when i see Wanderlei fight and well... i think Bisping is a goon. I see this one going down as a stand up war with Silva getting the better of the exchanges. Silva via (T)KO late in the 1st round.


Stevenson vs. Sotiropoulos- Haven't seen much of Sotiropoulos but looks pretty good. I have seen Joe fight a few times and i think he has just the right amount of wrestling to think that he will get take downs at will and land some good ground and pound. Stevenson via 3rd round (T)KO


Jardine vs. Bader- some pretty rad nicknames lol. This is a tough fight to call due to the fact that Keith can be very unpredictable. What i'm hoping to see in this fight is a war taken place all over the octagon where i see Bader controlling most of the ground with a slight advantage in the stand up going to Jardine due to his unorthadox style. Bader via 29-28 decision


Cro Cop vs. Rothwell- Both guys coming of tough losses to JDS and Velasquez i think that the loser has potential loser leaves town implications. That being said I thought Rothwell was an embarrassment in his first fight in the UFC. I think Rothwell lacks the takedown skills to get Mirko to the mat and i also don't believe he has the stand up to compete with Cro Cop. I'm hoping Cro Cop can add to his highlight real with another devastating head kick. Cro Cop via 2nd round (T)KO


I am excited to watch this card and excited to hear your guys thoughts on the card?

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