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semtex in his kicks??


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I think semtex has been deleted and new name is "Gold Teefeys"


Koscheck is going to knock daley out!


lmao i doubt this very much he may get a UD/ SD but no way is he guna ko him it will most likely be the other way round and daley will be knocking that fraggle out ther is no way he is the no1 contender after beating trigg n johnson!! he hasnt even accepted the fight yet hes probably ducking! so much for fighting 12 times a year hahahaha!

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I liked Daley when he used more than a straight punch followed by a hook. He's looked pretty much like a straight Boxer in the UFC' date=' If he goes back to using his flying knee and Mauy Thai then I'll go back to being a fan.[/quote']


We haven't seen Daley move out of the 3 minute marker in the UFC yet! I'm sure once one of Daley's fights actually make it to the second round we'll see him use more of his tools; at this point in the game, he's had no need to use more than his boxing. I think Koscheck is the perfect opponent to bring out the rest of his game and really test whether Daley can handle the pressure of a top contender. We all saw what happened in the Anthony Johnson fight... I'll still be rooting for Semtex and hope he knocks Kos out. I'll admit, Koscheck is a great fighter, I just can't stand the guy.

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