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Thiago Silva


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i agree for a serious fight he should take on rampage after he whoops rashads ****


Winner of Rampage/Rashad will most likely get a title shot. If Rampage even sticks around that is.


Or, winner of Rampage/Rashad fights one more top guy (winner of Forrest/Nog?) for #1 spot.


-buy the ticket. take the ride.

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Id like to see him fight brandon vera in an all out muy thai war but that probably won't happen for a while cuz vera is fightin bones. They should scratch maia off 112 and just make the match a light heavyweight match between anderson and thiago that fight could only end up in a knockout or stoppage


That's what i was thinking...but if Thiago doesn't have the cardio to keep up with rashad i think Anderson would kill him. But a fight with Vera would be interesting. I see Thiago dominating that fight.

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