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Hey guys, I've noticed some of my buddy Conner's interviews with MMA fighters floating around the thread and i took that as an oppurtunity to promote his site. So, mmareligion.com is basically an mma news website with video interviews, various articles and fight predictions all done by Conner himself (except for the articles, he's got peeps for that :P) now the only thing that separates Conner's site from others such as Sherdog and mmajunkie is that they are very informal but fun to watch for example, Conner interviewed Keith Jardine and talked to him about his upcoming fights and stuff BUT he also talked about a lot of other fun stuff such as his ****** tweak lol..... so this is just a fragment of all the fun and goodies waiting at mmareligion.com, so please visit mmareligion today and don't forget to ad Conner Cordova as a friend on Facebook and follow him on twitter as MMAreligion.


Cheers =)

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Did that guy actually go to his prom with Arianny?



Hell ya man!!! my boi Conner's taking Arianny to prom in April, it was a campaign to promote his site and it worked, he was actually on Fox news if im not wrong... yep my man Conner's doing it big

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