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Who's the ugliest/scariest looking fighter in MMA?


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It's a good thing that looks have nothing to do with your fighting ability and skills. :D


to a certain degree I actually think it does. If you're fighting someone with tons of experience well then no it doesn't. But imagine your first MMA fight ever is against the biggest, scariest mf'er you've ever scene. Chances are the average person would be a little shook

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ugliest - silvya ' date=' lesnar , tank abbot


scariest - kongo , thiago silva , wanderlei silva , [b']rampage[/b], fedor


rampage is like a big fluffy black teddy bear outside though haha


and Thiago Silva wouldent be so scary if you just went and gave him a hug i bet he aint been hugged in a loving way in a while


due to his meaness haha

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