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which fighters in the game would be...


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Ortiz? Only if you're counting greatest excuses of all time.


His style of fighting has long been dominated.

... agreed



.... agreed

Sakuraba' date=' Royce, Anderson Silva, W Silva, Fedor (I hate to type it, I feal dirty)[/quote']

sakuraba is god, (he needs 16 body guards just to travel around japan .. people just want to touch him)

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1. Tied: Fedor and A. Silva, both have dominated consistently over the course of long periods of time with unmatched and exceptional martial arts talent and skills.


2. Couture: in 2nd place, The Natural has dominated MMA competition consistently

with skill, strategy, and conditioning, as Couture is a 5 time UFC champion.


3. GSP: has dominated for a long time, hard working student of the game and talented athlete.


4.In 4th place: Royce Gracie first champion of the UFC, dominating consistently and impressively winning 3 tournament style no-holds barred championships: UFC 1, UFC 2, and UFC 4. Royce also introduced to the U.S.A. the brilliant and lethal art of Gracie Jujitsu and amazing us with the elusive and devastating submission techniques of the awesome Gracie Jujitsu art.

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the greatest of all time if the ufc ended today?


i say..









who else?


If the UFC ended today all the fighters would get snatched up by Strikeforce so...we would get to see who would be deemed the "greatest of all time"...

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