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New Here. Friends?


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Hey everybody,I'm Corey. You can call me Ace. I'm new here and i'm just looking for friends and things like that. Favs are Machida,A. Silvia (Spider),Penn,GSP,Lesnar (Was a fan in WWE),Diego Sanchez,and a few others. I have aspirations to being a fighter. One of my many plans, I Would like to learn everything and be very unpredictable in the cage,but my favorites are Muay Thai and BJJ. I love knees to the skull. Like i said though,i'm gonna learn all i can Boxing to Muay Thai,Wrestling to BJJ,just to be a handful in the cage. Well,That's a little about me, Add me if you like,Leave you favs and Predictions for 111 and 112. I say GSP,BJ,and Anderson Silvia will retain. I though Vitor was supposed to fight him,I was kinda pulling for him. Does anyone know what happened?? Thanks. ~Ace~

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