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How good would B.J vs aldo be..


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Aldo would send BJ home complaining that he cheated....blah blah blah




You obviously know nothing about MMA.

Faber dominated that division and if it wasnt for his weak bones he'd still have the belt now.(although aldo will prob beat him)

Look at what mediocre Tyson Griffin did to him...

The UFC 155 class is a mile ahead of WEC 145.

ALdo Brown & Faber wouldnt beat, Sanchez,Grifffin,KenFlo,Edgar & more.


Penn would destroy him.Penn is always the naturally smaller fighter when he destroys the UFC LW division so he would be even more destructive as the bigger fighter.


Also he has better stand up, better chin & better ground game than Aldo.


wouldn't even be close!!

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