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best personality in the ufc...


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Ive got to agree with most of you cause the first person that came to my head is my boy GSP, he is so freakin nice, always respectful to opponents he bows to them and everything. Randy is great, Forrest is awesome. Rich Franklin has a great personality. Nate Marquardt is very respectful and gentleman as well. Although Anderson taunts people in the octogan he always speaks highly of his opponents before and after a fight.

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i cant belive u said mir wow he is without a doubt the biggest dbag in the ufc next to matt serra but i would have to say forrest seems like a really good guy and kimbo seems pretty down to earth from what ive seen gsp seems like a good guy


^ This, Mir is the worst ever. People I would much rather meet:

Wanderlei Silva

Anderson Silva

Rampage Jackson

Forest Griffin





These guys seem like they'd be awesome to chill with.

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RANDY COUTURE (the dad you never had or grandpa lol), CHAEL SONNEL (intelligence and wit), GSP (would hand this guy my beer), JONES (humble), MARK MUNOZ (extremely humble), TITO and RAMPAGE (just because they're funny as hell), ANDERSON SILVA (because he's funny, humble and bad ****) are my favorite personalities... Overall tho COUTURE'S the man!!!

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Tito Ortiz- Perfect bad guy, fans love to hate this guy

GSP- One of the most respectful fighters around

Cotoure- Always making a comeback, very respectful

Rampage Jackson- One of the funniest guys in the UFC

Forrest Griffin- Respectful and funny

Crop Cop/ Cheick Kongo- These guys have the funniest post fight interviews with Joe Rogan. Both are so calm and cool no matter in defeat or victory. Both are also very respectful

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