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Tyrone Spong


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The guys only 24 and he has a record of 64-4 acording to wikipeda but I dont know if thats right.


How do you think he would do if he came into MMA.


Think about it he would have the best stand up for sure and hes only 24 so plenty of time to train ground work.



Wow yeah i just looked him up... he would be a striking fiend!! weighing 210 HW, id hate to say it but might give JDS a run for his money!

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His fight with Corbett was a bulls**t decision and would love to see The Carnage get the chance to right the referee's wrong.


I'd like to see alot more world class strikers make the transition to MMA.


yeah it kind of was, but he shouldnt have hit him again once he already won.


anyone who saw the fight knows he won.

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