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Undefeated prospect Daniel Roberts on the UFC: "I think I deserve to be here."


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"Not to take anything away from Howard, but if I was going to pick anybody to fight in the UFC, it would be him. I know my ground game is a little more advanced than his. His striking is OK, I'm definitely not afraid to stand with him... I'm definitely excited, but I'm not too surprised because I think I deserve to be here. I saw a lot of fighters in the UFC I knew I was a lot better than. So now I'm here. I've put my life into this. I'm extremely confident and I can't wait to fight. There's a lot of people who don't know who I am, but I feel after the fight they will know who I am."


i'll be rooting for Roberts because i dont like Howard much, i really wanted to see Johnson knock Howard's block off but i'll settle with Roberts submitting him. i havent seen any of Roberts fights but he seems like a decent submission guy.



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