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Ben Saunders - Kill B on the swarm!


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Title should say "Killa"


Regardless, Jake Ellenberger has been tapped as the replacement and is just as dangerous. The durable IFL veteran is probably best remembered for his ferocious hands that nearly decapitated Carlos Condit and Mike Pyle. Along with an aggressive wrestling style, it could pose problems for the American Top Team product.


“A lot of people think it’s a bad style match up for me, but I built my style to be able to deal with anybody,” Saunders explains. “We start on the feet and guess what? He might have heavy hands, but for the most part, [he has] one or two weapons and that’s his left and right hand. I got eight. I got my Muay Thai - I got my knees, I got my shins, I got my elbows and I got my hands. And if he does happen to get it to the ground, I’m a brown belt in jiu-jitsu and I didn’t get to show it in the Swick fight. I was turtled up. It was embarrassing, so I’m gonna have to really show some slick jiu-jitsu in this fight.”

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