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rumble johnson would kill hardy


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This is the only man in the division that can give GSP a fight





He couldnt give Paulo Thiago a fight so what makes you think he could give GSP one? Although the last fight between them was close;)

Kos has his hands full with Daley never mind GSP!


Rumble v Hardy would be a good fight in my opinion, and a close one to call!


Going back to Thiago, i would love to see him in there with GSP, i think he could give GSP a fight!!!

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Colisse de tabarnac esti de laffs de toronto....oh this wasn't a hockey thread?


lol les ostis!!! did you watch that game last night....terrible........at least my habbies are going to the postseason, unlike the laffers who will miss out for the 5th year in a row

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i cant wait to see gsp get this tko by murder


can't wait to see GSP get me?


oh wait...... I get it.....


Yes GSP should take Hardy out and make a statement ...TKO/KO/SUB I don't care


After Hardy loses, give him AJ and we can all laugh when he gets dummied against the cage in fetal position.


You UK fans want a UFC champ? Start cheering for Ross Pearson, IMO he's got the best potential out of the bunch. Even if Hardy won, i guarantee he wouldn't last as champ, case you know he'd run into GSP again and **** would get messy.....

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Rumble is a punk, a stain on the UFC, and posesses one of the worst and most unsportsmanlike attitudes I've ever seen. Yeah, the man can fight. So what. He'd be a disgrace to the UFC were he to ever don a belt. In the eventuality that they do fight, I'd like rumble to be pretzeled and retired.

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