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underdog or favorite?


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If a fighter is the underdog but is more repectful than the favor and conducts himself quite well, I wouldn't mind if the underdog wins in this case.


So basically, it depends on the fighters.


But if you're talking about...say Mir fighting an underdog. I hope the underdog receives a quick and painless lost.

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I'm sure you just forgot to mention Brock' date=' right?[/quote']


really? when is brock ever going to be the underdog? i don't think he forgot.


anyway, if it is not my favorite fighter in the match up, i usually go with who i think is going to win. if i don't know there background i usually strap in and hope for a good fight.


and like alot of people said... a fighter's reputation plays a factor too. no mater how good a fighter might be i want them to loose, for what ever the reason may be.

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I choose the fighter that I think is better and I root for them.


well yes i know that

im not asking if you root for the underdog even if they suck


but lets say anderson silva vs damian maia

i like both guys,both great fighters

but i'd like maia to win


i was hoping for vitor belfor to KO anderson,but now i realize seeing anderson tap after all the non sense he has been saying lately,that would be 100x better


i dont see that happening though


i was just asking because i've noticed big time,that people will talk on n on about how crappy a fighter is,and when he beats a favorite in a fight,suddenly,he's on everyone's favorite fighter sig and everyone acts like that guy is now unstoppable

and vise versa...one day a guy is untouchable,he loses a fight (or comes close to losing),and suddently everyone says how much that guy sucks,he's finished and so on n so on


just wondering who roots for the big names and who roots for fighters

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