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John Howard


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i agree but when he hit him his head was bouncing back towards him and his eyes were still open .. it could have looked in the moment like he was still awake .. one more for good measure .. these guys ae so hyped in the ufc and they wanna make sure they win ..


it was nothing like dan henderson vs. bisping .. i was very disappointed when i seen that one ..im not a bisping fan at all either but still .. you can seriously damage someone for life doing crap like that and i dont think anyone deserves that .. he was clearly out and dan should have had the experience to shut it off

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the jds fight had just finished,

i though ahh good some smaller guys, get to see some higher paced action. sure enough they go at it hard and fast. then while they are grappling i think, wouldn't it be good to see a smaller guy with real KO power. maybe you dont see them as much because they aren't as strong as the big guys....


then bang!!!!


he zombified him. he looked dead!! best ko i have seen in a long time, and i was really not expecting it!!!!


man, he turned his brain off completely for a minute or something... eyes were not blinking, brain was rebooting.


lots of the time in a ko they are only out for a few seconds, then dazed for a while. but he was COMPLETELY gone from his body for a long time lol

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