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What was your record last night?


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Schafer & Vera were my 2 wrong picks in the fantasy game. To be honest this is better than my recent picks have been for a while!


I thought Vera would school Jones but was pleasantly surprised how well Jones beat him.

Schafer fight - I didn't know anything about the other guy so went with experience. Never mind!

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I went 9-2' date=' dropping Brilz vs. Schafer and the Ludwig fight.[/quote']


3-1 on main cards.... Damn Vera. I forget who on here said it but its true, everytime you bet on Vera he sucks, everytime you count him out he performs well....oh how true. What about "Im letting the rest of the 205 division know that if you get in the cage with me Im going to whoop your a**"?


4-3 on Prelims.....Kinda shocked Roberts and Paulino got beat.

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