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Gonzaga vs Kongo


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I have a nuetral opinion on this fight.


I have always said Kongo has poor fighting instincts, but he impressed me yesterday with his game plan. If he comes in with a great game plan, I can see him out performing Gonzaga.


Strategy for Kongo:

Stick and move: Jabs and kicks

When Gonzaga sets or is on offfense mode, attempt take downs.


Gonzaga will not win the stand up exchange. I can see him winning this fight by way of take down, followed by GnP and or submissions. It will be difficult for Gonzaga to take Kongo down, not because he has great TKD, but because he is so strong.

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I like the sound of this match-up. I think Gonzaga would take it but Kongo definitely has a chance. If he sticks to a game-plan (as we saw last night), loosens up and unloads some of that power, it could be a short night for Napao.


Kongo looked a little stiff last night IMO but he was still able to stick to a solid game plan and make one of the toughest dudes in the UFC quit. Not bad.


I think Kongo knew he had to win after the loss to Mir and didn't want to take any chances getting caught. It was very clear he respected Buentello's knockout power; reluctant to strike with the veteran. I think we'll see a much better and more relaxed Kongo in his next outing.

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