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James Irvin, what happened?


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I'm not bashing him' date=' but what the heck happened last night? After he got punched in the eye, did he call time out, or give up? Or did the cornermen make him stop?[/quote']


I'm not really sure,

I think this is what happened.

He got hit, started going away like he was rocked, didn't call a time-out and Sakara started hitting him again until the ref stopped it. After looking at the replay, the ref saw no evidence of an eye-gouge and called the fight by TKO since the ref stopped it.

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The hit to the eye was clearly legal, even the ref said he knew as soon as contact was made it was legal. Dana White said after the fight that he is a huge Irvan fan but Irvan will not fight 185 again...check it out..


Following Sunday's unfortunate eye injury and TKO loss to Alessio Sakara at UFC on Versus 1, James Irvin's future in the Ultimate Fighting Championship will be up for discussion among the UFC brass.


But if Irvin, who took a legal knuckle to the eye and couldn't continue in the Versus-televised fight, does remain in the UFC, it won't be at middleweight.


Following the event, UFC president Dana White told MMAjunkie.com (http://www.mmajunkie.com) he was shocked by Irvin's frame and face after his first cut to middleweight and that he can't see booking the veteran fighter for another bout at 185 pounds.


"No more 185(-pound fights) for him," White told MMAjunkie.com. "He didn't look good. I think he's got a lot of scar tissue in his face under his eyes. That was sticking out more than his eyeballs were. He didn't look good [at weigh-ins]."


Irvin's Skeletor look was popular message-board fodder following Saturday's weigh-ins at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colo. Irvin weighed in for the first time since his July 2008 loss to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a non-title light-heavyweight fight. Irvin tested positive for painkillers (and later admitted that his many injuries has caused an addiction) at the fight, and he continued to combat injuries ? including a torn meniscus and other leg ailments ? in the year and a half afterward.


Finally booked for his return, Irvin struggled to make weight.


His bad luck continued in UFC on Versus 1's first televised bout when Sakara threw a left hook that caught Irvin right in the eye socket. Replays ruled out a finger poke and confirmed Sakara threw a perfectly legal closed-fist punch. The TKO stoppage came at the 3:01 mark of the first round.


After the fight, referee Josh Rosenthal told MMAjunkie.com that he knew from the moment the strike landed that it was a legal blow. Additionally, a Zuffa LLC official said that Irvin also mentioned that the punch may have knocked a chunk of Vaseline into his eye, which may have prompted the temporary blindness.


Despite Irvin's bad luck, White said he remains a fan.


"I'm a huge James Irvin fan," he said after the fight. "I'm a fan of the guy; I really am. He's had some of the best knockouts in the UFC, and he always comes to fight. Tonight, it looked like the cut killed him. He couldn't get off. He couldn't throw any punches tonight. He was basically getting lit up by Sakara, and that's not James Irvin. That's not who he is as a fighter. The 185 cut is too hard for him."


But does that mean Irvin, who's now suffered back-to-back losses and three defeats in his past five fights, will remain employed by the UFC?


"I don't know yet," White said. "Those are decisions we make when we get back to the office, but I'm a fan. I'm literally a fan of him. I really like him a lot."

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After watching it several times I don't beleive it was the knuckle or a "punch" per say that got him. With MMA gloves, the short finger padding makes a corner with the seem right there on both sides of the glove. When Alessio threw that looping left, the edge, or corner of the glove caught his eyeball, which is why he thought it was an eye gouge. I have sparred with the gloves and have been hit the same way, but not in the eyeball, and let me tell you that seam can cut. SO technically yeah it came from a punch, but it wasn't a flush contact punch in the eye, Irvin thought it was an eye gouge, the ref thought it was a punch, so when James turned his head to stop, it was an automatic TKO for Sakarra.



And I agree with Dana, Irvin should not be at MW.

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he did look alot like skeletor.


irving is a good fighter and I hope he

continues to fight in the ufc though...


my 2-cents


Do you mean Irving Lipschitz or Irving Noosebaum? I like them but I like James Irvin much more....









lol, don't take it personally, I'm just fooling

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And I agree with Dana' date=' Irvin should not be at MW.[/quote']


I can't figure out why he would want to be a MW to begin with. I mean you fight in hopes of winning a belt.The guy holding the MW belt KO'd you in spectacular fashion at your weight class. So you cut weight till it almost kills ya to compete in that division?


Makes no sense. Here's hoping all is well and we see the Sandman back at 205 where he belongs.

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Poor guy. He looked like he could barely stand, much less fight. Then there was the whole "I got poked in the eye, oh wait, it was a legal punch" fiasco. I think he still has some good fights in him at 205, though. I'd like to see him fight Ryan Bader, Forrest Griffin, or maybe even Chuck Liddell. I would be thoroughly entertained watching any of those fights. But for the love of God, stay at 205.

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