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Paul Buentello is a tuf m-effer


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he tapped. he tapped. he gave up threw in the towel. i have always liked him but i cant believe he tapped. it was sad 2 watch


have you ever done some sort of kick boxing?

Punches, Knees, Elbows and kicks to the thigh hurt like a mother fffker. My left thigh is still swollen from some kicks and a knee, and that was last friday. Buentello ate a crapload of Elbows before he tapped, so don't go discrediting a fighter if you don't know what its like.

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yea not long after joe said he could take it all night ....he tapped' date='lol...to his defense he was getting molested...[/quote']


Not to mention right after Rogan mentioned he had good takedown defense Kongo scored the first of an unchecked string of easy takedowns.


I like the guy I suppose, but I REALLY REALLY hope I never have to watch him fight in the UFC again. He's just not any good.

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