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UFC LHW matchups


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Some match ups i wanna see in the lhw division


T. Silva v. Rampage

Rashad v. Shogun

Jones v. Bader

Machida v. Couture



T. Silva vs. Rampage would be a great fight IMO. Both guys like to stand and bang, and both guys have really heavy hands. That fight would have some fireworks.

Rashad vs. Shogun only interests me a little. I think Rashad would impliment the T. Silva strategy on him.

Id love to see Jones vs. Bader, but as many people have already said, they wont match-up to of the UFCs young and up-coming fighters...not for a while at least.

And I think Machida would handle Couture. Hes to elusive for Coutures style, and Couture wouldnt be able to put him against the cage, or keep him there for long if he did.

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Rampage vs Machida = Rampage by KO

Jones vs Franklin = Franklin by TKO

Griffin vs T- Silva = Griffin on points

A. Silva vs Jones = Silva by Stunning KO

Rashad vs A Silva = Just so I can see Evans getting KTFO


come on man you dont honestly think rich franklin could hang with bones do you.

i agree with the rest of them apart from griffin would get beat by thiago without a doubt.

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1.Shogun vs Anderson


2.Mousasi vs Machida


3.Jon Jones vs Rashad


4.Rampage vs Rogerio


5.Phil Davis vs Ryan Bader



these are fights id love to see that might actually happen over the span of 1 to 2 years.


Have Jon Jones and Phil Davis switch places and you might be on to something there!!!

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I also didnt try to make one fighter face 3 different people or there would be like 50 fights lol



Shogun vs Rampage2


Shogun vs Mousasi


Shogun vs Jon Jones


Shogun vs Rogerio


Mousasi vs Machida


Mousasi vs Rampage


Mousasi vs Shogun


Mousasi vs Jon Jones


I mean you get the idea id do this with jon jones and machida , and the rest of them too lol.

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A lot of people have Belfort on their LHW match-ups list' date=' but Im pretty sure that hes going to be staying at MW for a while.[/quote']


Belfort was set to fight Anderson but he never fought in the middleweight division.


So I guess he belong as much at the LHW then he does at Middle


Anyone Interrested in Jones-Machida...man that would be great

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