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UFC 111 Sigbet thread


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i thought it would work well to have some method to the madness that is sigbets. maybe (hopefully) we can limit sigbets to one thread for 111 (i did a search for some but nothing came up)


i think the best way to do this is someone takes the bet of the person that posted above them and then puts up a second bet for someone to take. (include what you want to person to put as their sig if they loose)




Me: Gsp by t(ko) or submission (if gsp looses or goes to a decision i loose) if i win you put "Dan Hardy........ Who?"


Next poster: ill take that bet and if i win you put Gsp, "i was not impressed by my performance", and i bet mir by submission. if i win "Shane the Engin**** Carwin"


so on and so on a continuous chain of bets that will hopefully have some organization. bets obviously can be repeated through out the thread.


Follow the rules, if you post you must be taking the bet that was above you, no adding bets ontop of bets without anyone taking them, take a bet, give a bet


to start i'm betting GSP by t(ko) or submission (must finish fight)

If i win the better must put "Dan Hardy's Mohawk may help his aerodynamics but it doesn't help his chin"

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Two Sig-bets here.

GSP will (T)KO Hardy.

Shane Carwin will (T)KO Mir.


Any takers?


I'll take the carwin one, if you loose "Carwin the best ever WOW he totally dominated mir, he is definatly the best HW on the planet, fedor is a tool"


once again GSP t(ko)/submission over hardy "hardy's mohawk may help his aerodynamics but it doesnt help his chin"



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