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UFN Gomi vs. Florian Predictions


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Florian vs. Gomi: Florian by sub

Struve vs. Nelson:: Struve just not sure how yet

Pearson vs. Siver: Pearson by sub

Quarry vs. Rivera: Quarry by TKO or KO


I am only doing the main card feel free to make undercard predictions too


Why would you think Pearson is going to pull off a sub? lol, he's a stand-up fighter with no ground game at all.

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Florian vs. Gomi: Florian' date=' 2nd round submission

Struve vs. Nelson:: Nelson, 1st round KO

Pearson vs. Siver: Pearson, UD

Quarry vs. Rivera: Quarry, UD[/quote']


good picks I got this as well. Except Quarry by TKO

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Florian vs. Gomi: Gomi by TKO.

Struve vs. Nelson: Struve by decision.

Pearson vs. Siver: Pearson by decision.

Quarry vs. Rivera: Quarry by TKO.


Like others have said, so many non-PRIDE fans are underestimating Gomi. He has an incredible record (31-5), has never been knocked out, and was damn near invincible in PRIDE (excluding the Diaz fight, but he ****ed up with the drug test anyway so it wasn't a loss) - although we've seen what can happen to PRIDE veterans when they transition to UFC...


Florian is constantly improving, but if Gomi comes to fight in great shape then the Fireball Kid's gonna light up the lightweight division (bad pun I know). Since BJ has no other challengers, and Gomi's first fight with the Prodigy came 7 years ago before either had developed into the fighters they are today, it'd be great to see a rematch - even if Penn does just walk through him like he does all the other so-called 'threats' to his title.


Aside from the main event I'm not too interested, although it'd be nice to see Quarry get another win. =

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