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Fighers that are most likely to get fat


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When athleets retire and get fat it shows how much dedication they had to health and fitness. They probaly only worked out because they had to. Personaly if i was an athleet and then retired i will still exercise. It should be a lifestyle.


I totally agree with what you say. It should and ideally it would be nice if it carried over right away. Currently, I am not in the greatest shape. Actually I am in the worst shape of my life. I played a sport professionally and kept myself in relatively very good shape, sometimes much better than other times. Now I work in the "real world" and the lifestyle has been altered so much. I used to wake up and workout and practice and train and now it has been a major adjustment. Extremely difficult. Also, it was nice to just enjoy life and not have to worry about it, but now I pay the price.


With that said, it has been hammered into me to workout throughout my life and I have the knowledge to get back into shape and I will. I think knowledge is part of the key to being in shape, many people are "scared" because they do not know what to do or how to do it.


Great post!

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