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Marshall Cut!!


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I liked Marshall alright but if you don't fight exciting fights and you lose then the UFC really has no use for you. It's not like he was a number one contender that had one loss and got cut. I personally think that too many guys from TUF that didn't win the show are allowed to stay around for far too long. The UFC shouldn't be the place to build up your skills but where you display the skills that you have been building up for years in smaller promotions.

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While I don't believe Marshall deserved to be cut, his ufc record was only 1 submission win, 2 decision wins(1 split), and 1 decision loss(split). He probably got cut for not fighting with any urgency to finish the fight. UFC doesn't really want guys to just survive in the the ring. They want action, action, and action. In that order.


15 minutes of stalemate fighting is not particularily popular.


Hopefully Dana will follow up on this trend and cut Chael "I'll sit in your guard for 15mins playing paddy cake" Sonnen.



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