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John Anik's MMA/UFC Chats


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Anik's chats are the best. I think they're every Wednesday at noon central here. If you haven't, check em out.

Here's the link: http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/chat/_/id/31476/mma-live-host-jon-anik


Sorry if this looks ugly. Just copy and pasted what I asked him today.


TUF1 (Des Moines Iowa)



Hey JA. Do you frequent any MMA forums and what's in store tomorrow on "the Live".

Jon Anik

(2:17 PM)



Not a big forum guy. I'm a dedicated reader of several MMA websites, but don't have enough time to read message boards, etc. Tomorrow on MMA Live, Stephan Bonnar is back in Bristol. We will recap UFC on Versus, and preview UFC 111 as well as the Fight Night in North Carolina, which is one week from today. Gonna be a sprint tomorrow.


TUF1 (Des Moines Iowa)



Just heard Rampage resigned with the UFC for 6 fights. Whatcha think Anik?

Jon Anik

(2:25 PM)



Trying to confirm today for MMA Live tomorrow. Good news, if true.

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